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Computer Repairs over the internet?

Is your computer infected with viruses? Has your computer been taken over by pop-ups and spyware?  Do you have little “ET’S” “Phoning home and stealing your Internet connection? If you are not able to get that printer to work, We can. Have you lost a document you need this minute? With “Guru-By-Remote” we can fix all your software issues over the internet instead of unplugging your machine, packing it in the car, driving to the computer shop, unloading the computer, saying good-bye to it for days, weeks and sometimes months. Then getting the call from the tech that it is going to cost $400.00 to fix the thing, Then after agreeing to the price then driving all the way back to the shop, paying , then drive home hook all those wires back up (after 4 tries) then discover the problem is not fixed!!! We eliminate that for you by fixing it right, right now!!! We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all our repairs (remote or in-shop) ! Simply put, If we fail to solve your problem you pay nothing, ever!

How does it work?

Because a good percentage of people are using DSL or behind some serious firewalls, I have found that if the person that needs the help initiates the connection firewalls and security does not care about “Outbound connections” This is simply a very small file you download and run from your machine that connects directly to one of our machines. In case you are worried about security on your end, We are 128 bit encrypted and the connection can only be completed if you (the user) initiate it from your machine. There is no way that I can initiate the connection from my end. After the repairs are made ( while you watch) I simply uninstall my connectoid from your computer and you will get a notice telling you that the software has been  uninstalled and your computer can no longer be accessed by Computer Technologies.

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